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8. Titian (200cm x 240cm) oil on linen, 2021.jpg

Titian I (79in x  95in, 240cm x 200cm) oil on linen, 2017-2021

49. Gallery study 5 (10in x 12.5in) oil on linen, 2019.jpg

Gallery study 5 (24cm x 32cm, 10in x 12.5in) oil on linen, 2019

Hermitage III (155cm x 165cm, 55in x 63in) acrylic on linen, 2021.jpg

Hermitage III (155cm x 165cm, 55in x 63in) acrylic on linen, 2021

De Geer (155cm x 165cm, 55in x 63in) 2019.jpg

De Geer (155cm x 165cm, 55in x 63in) 2017-2021

De Geer detail 1.jpg

De Geer detail 

MoMA I (  acrylic on linen, 2016.jpg

 Gallery I (170cm x 325cm, 69in x 128in) acrylic on linen, 2015-2019

Cezanne II (155cm x 165cm, 55in x 63in) oil on linen, 2017.jpg

Cezanne II (155cm x 165cm, 55in x 63in) oil on linen, 2017

Cezanne detail .jpg

Cezanne II detail

Cezanne II detail


Study for gallery (40cm x 40cm, 5.7inx 15.7in) acrylic on linen, 2020

97. Study for gallery 5 (10.6in x14in,27cm x36cm) acrylic on linen, 2020.jpg

Study for gallery (25cm x 30cm, 10in x 12in) oil on linen, 2019

Turner II (63in x 58in,  160cm x 145cm) oil on linen, 2018- 2020.jpg

Turner II (145cm x 160cm, 63in x 58in) oil on linen, 2019

6. Veronese II ( 105cm x 90cm) oil on linen, 2015.jpg

Veronese II (105cm x 90cm, 41.3in x 35.5in) oil on linen, 2015

Study for MoMA 1 ( 30cm x 24cm) acrylic

Study for Gallery (30cm x 24cm, 12in x 9.5in) oil on linen, 2017

8. Veronese III ( 165cm x 155cm ) oil on

Veronese III (165cm x 155cm, 65in x 61in) oil on linen, 2016

4. 2nd and 3rd od May ( 190 cm x 250cm )

2nd and 3rd of May  (190cm x 250cm, 75in x 98in) oil on linen, 2015

17. National Gallery III (61in x51in,  1

National Gallery III (155cm x 130cm, 61in x 51in) oil on linen, 2014

18. National Gallery II (47in x 57in,  1

National Gallery II (120cm x 145cm, 47in x 57in) oil on linen, 2014

2. Glyptothek ( 180cm x 195cm) acrylic o

Glyptothek I (185cm x 200cm, 73in x 79in) acrylic on linen, 2015

6. Bellini ( 155cm x 165cm ) oil on line

Bellini (155cm x 165cm, 61in x 65in) oil on linen, 2015

5. Veronese I ( 200cm x 240cm ) oil on l

Veronese I (200cm x 240cm,  75inx 95in) oil on linen, 2015

21. Gallery 1 ( 35.4in x 39.3in, 90cm x

 Gallery 1 (90cm x 100cm, 35.4in x 39.3"in) acrylic on linen, 2015

10. National Gallery a ( 240cm x 200cm)

National Gallery I (240cm x 200cm, 95in x 79"in oil on linen, 2012

Gallery I

Gallery (Cezanne and Degas)  (220cm x 190cm, 87in x 75in) oil on linen, 2012

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